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Mauri aroha - Māori Mindfulness

From Joni's research, the key features of Mindfulness from a Mātauranga Māori perspective are;

  • Whakapapa - genealogy and the connection between all things is at the heart.

  • An intrinsic connection to land and water

  • Spirituality interwoven through all practices.

  • Te reo Māori as the basis.

We are passionate about developing bilingual resources to support people in their holistic wellbeing. Following are some of the resources that we have contributed to in the Māori mindfulness space.

We are currently developing a Spotify account, working on podcasts and other resources. You can also read my blog for my PhD journey here.

There is a collection of free mindfulness resources generously created and available on Pause Breathe Smile in te reo Māori and in English too and can be found here at the Pause Breathe Smile website. 

Above is a set of practices on You Tube developed in collaboration with The Mind Lab as part of a Term 4 survival kit for teachers. 

To the right is a screen shot of an App developed by Oho Mauri in Collaboration with Mauri Aroha Limited. The app is FREE to download from your app store. 

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